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Xstamper cx-bn 1211 posted date red

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Product Description

Pre-Inked and re-Inkable, xstamper stock title stamps deliver thousands of crisp clear impressions before re-Inking is necessary.

Product Specifications

•  Product Code
:   5012110
•  Impression Area
:   42 x 13 mm
•  Number of Impressions
:   Up To 100,000
•  Reinkable
:   Yes
•  Replacement Pads Avail
:   No

Product Features

•  Non-Slip soft grip for comfort and control
•  Retractable frame system keeps the stamp surface out of contact with your desk
•  Clear text window for title messages to be clearly seen and identified easily
•  Protective impression cover
•  Pre-Inked rubber. No need for messy stamp pads
•  Built-In reservoir re-Inking system
•  Over 200 stock titles to choose from
•  Custom made options available