SKU: 0317160

Deskmate pre-inked office stamp draft red

Product Description

Deskmate pre-Inked office stamps are durable, reliable and suitable for high volume office use. The stamps provide approximately 100,000 sharp impressions and can easily be reinked when necessary.

Product Specifications

•  Product Code
:   0317160
•  Impression Area
:   35 x 10 mm
•  Number of Impressions
:   Up to 100,000
•  Product Size
:   55W x 56H x 24D mm
•  Reinkable
:   Yes

Product Features

•  "Draft" red
•  Built-In ink supply ensures thousands of perfect impressions before re-Inking is required
•  Smooth stamping mechanism with exceptional imprint quality
•  Can only be re-Inked with deskmate stamp ink
•  Cap protects the stamp from damage and prevents accidental imprints
•  Refill ink codes: 0315950 black, 0315960 blue, 0315970 red